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Spring Turkeys 2011

Posted on 5/20/11 (Fri)

In spite of the crazy long winter here in Montana, lasting until June and leaving us with record breaking snow pack in the mountains, the Above the Rest Outdoors (ARO) team has managed another super successful spring. More than 10 turkeys in three states with archery gear. You have got to watch Easton (the youngest ARO member at 10 years old) take his first turkey with a bow and his mom Karin (the best looking member of ARO) taking not one, but two turkeys with her bow. Karin had her best spring yet, taking multiple turkeys and her first and largest Tom so far. Warren (Mr. Excitement) was up next: at 15 years old, he is like a veteran compared to his younger brother. Watch a great clip as Warren gets a little excited (to say the least) but still manages to fill turkey tags in three states.

It was so much fun to watch the rest of the team have their success, I almost forgot to mention that I downed a few toms along the way myself. Check out my first time double with a bow and I am talking about “two kills - one arrow”!  Not sure if it was good shootin’ or I just got lucky … either way I’ll take it.

No spring would be complete without having a few mishaps; o.k. we have more than a few and it doesn’t have to be spring, we are pretty good at it all year long. You will definitely want to check out some of the misses and mishaps on our “One that got away” page.